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Take advantage of your availability to work remotely, travel, and live experiences you had never thought of.  Deribe is your partner to help you find the best accommodation and join the biggest community of digital nomads for your next adventure

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What is Deribe?

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your next experience working remotely

Why should you Deribe?

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Discover new places

The best thing that comes with traveling is discovering new places, new cultures, etc. Deribe allows you to choose your next remote location to keep discovering while you work

Meet new people

You won’t only discover new places, Deribe will help you create bonds with everyone you meet. You’ll join a community of remote workers that share the same passion as you

Increase your productivity

On every Deribe you’ll be surrounded by brilliant and creative minds in a productive and focused environment working with high-speed internet connection

Save money

Depending on the country you choose to live in you can be saving lots of money by the end of the month. For example, a monthly private room in an amazing coliving starts from $300

Have fun

Join the Deribe Community and get the most out of every stay. You’ll be able to join meetups, enjoy activities, attend events, etc.

Enjoy your privacy

We know that humans don’t always want to be surrounded by people so don’t worry, you can stay in your private room as much as you want

Are you a
Remote Worker?

If you consider yourself a digital nomad and you like to travel the world while working, Deribe is the best solution for you. You’ll join the biggest community of digital nomads and we’ll help you find and book your next accommodation, helping you choose between thousands of co-livings and apartments with co-working space and many more activities around.

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Do you have an accommodation?

If you are the owner of an apartment and don’t want to always depend on short-term rentals and long term, we have the perfect solution. 
Deribe will help you find hosts that will rent your apartment for an average duration of 1-2 months. 

This, vs the short time rent, will help you save money on cleaning fees, key delivery, etc, and vs. long time rent will make you save all fees related to agencies, etc.


Want to know more?

In Deribe you’ll find everything you need to travel and work simultaneously. This will include accommodation, both co-livings and private flats; co-workings and community building.

A Deribe accommodation has everything you need to work and live: that includes a work chair and desk, wifi, kitchen utensils, furniture, etc.

Yes! Internet access is one of the essential requirements of modern jobs and life and it will always be treated as a priority in Deribe. Fact: in some countries

We’ll provide a platform that will enable remote workers from a location to gather and get to know each other.

A co-living is a space where you can live and work within a community of people similar to you.
It is the ideal option to be able to travel at the same time as you develop professionally.

Deribe aims towards a more sustainable, medium term accommodation periods, but in the end, the minimum stays will vary from accommodation to accommodation.

As long as you want

About us

The team behind Deribe

Deribe has been created by a team of engineers and marketing experts to solve a common problem they were facing as remote workers: the monotony of performing their job from the same location all year round.
By merging their backgrounds from a diverse set of top-notch companies, they are shaping the future of tourism and remote work, transforming the world into your office.

Turn the world into your office

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